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The Art of Renewal

You must believe in your dreams. You must support your dreams by taking the necessary steps to making your dreams a reality. It’s never too late. Do not give up. No matter what.  Cynthia Hutson, Empowerment Coach

Toni Ruppert has done it again!  As if her original oils, prints, and mixed media pieces depicting family life, relationships, and joyful stories wasn’t impressive enough, check out her newly released Renewal & Blessing cards created to help renew your mind and focus on the blessings of life.

Antonia Ruppert Fine Art  Toni was born right here in Chicago and she is the creative muse and owner at Antonia Ruppert Fine Art.  I’m happy to say Toni is a great friend and client and her work can be seen all over Chicagoland.  Currently, she’s featured at the Museum of Science & Industry Black Creativity 2016.

Renewal.Edit.Final.2-page-001Collaborating with the Artist  I was so delighted a few months ago, when Toni approached me with the idea about the cards.  The fact that my original quotes and anecdotes for life are included on several cards confirmed that people really need to hear me.  It warmed my heart to have Toni think so too.  You know, I do have a lot to say.

Toni approached other leaders, coaches, and authors too.  Everybody submitted positive messages that were then connected to paintings from Toni’s collection.  Look closely at the card she’s holding in the picture in this post.  Read the message.  I really mean it.  Don’t ever give up on your dreams.

The Art of Renewal  Toni’s artwork tells a joyful story and the deck is being released for those seeking beauty and an inspirational word.  Use the cards by taking a few moments daily to select a card, focus, and then redirect your outlook.  Repeat.

The deck of 31 Renewal and Blessing cards, includes 31 paintings, 31 positive messages, and an action step for the day.  Be sure to use the cards every day for renewal because Toni will be very disappointed if they end up as coasters.  🙁

Help a Girl Out  The cards are modestly priced at $24 per deck and arrive in a beautiful organza bag for storage and safe keeping. Organza bags For every deck purchased right here, at, 15% will go towards the Girl Scouts of America and to help a girl learn to code.  That’s coding as in HTML, CSS, or Ruby on Rails, for example, all of which are computer languages used to build websites.  Women and girls are so underrepresented in the field, especially girls of color.

Anyway, grab a deck, be renewed, be blessed, help yourself and help somebody else all at the same time.

As always,

Love ya!