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#75Thank goodness I’m an empty nester now… so I can truly refocus on me! I have fantastic goals and dreams.

Hello! I’m Cynthia Hutson and I help women reconnect to their biggest dreams and goals so they can have the life, love and wealth they know they deserve.

I’ve spent over two decades working with single mothers and families to create career transitions, financial stability and secure affordable, safe childcare. Along the way I’ve also had the opportunity to work with college students, advising in one of the largest teacher preparation programs in the South Suburban Chicago area.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been able to parlay that experience and expertise into helping women remember their relevance, their significance and their luminosity (that’s just a fancy way of saying their shining light 🙂 ).

Using my signature, Life Purpose & Vision Workshops, my Jump Start to Power Coaching Program, newly created Beautiful Woman Blueprint and The Confident Woman Formula, I’ve been able to help women find meaning, purpose and direction in how they choose to live their lives.


If you’ve gotten a bit cloudy about the direction of your life or are just ready to stop waiting and procrastinating, then work with me to create incredible change in your life. I will inspire, encourage and keep you on track to be your authentic self.  As your coach I’ll help you step out boldly to accomplish your deepest heart desires.


My Personal Story

I’m a Chi-Town girl with Alabama roots….

Even though I braved sub degree winters, made angels in the snow, and rode the Metra to the Magnificent Mile, #20my summers were spent running in red clay dirt, picking peaches and gathering pecans while following my Auntie A. to teach her summer school classes in Hale, County, Alabama.

I bring a unique blend of city girl/country girl, flavor that has allowed me to show countless women how to claim and develop their own self-defined lifestyle of success.


Ten Totally Random Facts About Cynthia

1. I designed and created most of my clothes throughout high school and college.

2. I’m attracted to high heel black pumps. Love ‘em!

3. I have an aversion to housework, it breaks me out. (Srzly!)

4. I have three amazing adult children. Can I have some grand kids please?!! Alright, that’s another story…

5. I’m still besties with one of my kindergarten classmates. Hello CJ!

6. I can still laugh till my side hurts, watching old episodes of “Martin.”

7. My current favorite television show is Downton Abbey.

8. I’m a teacher at heart and it makes my day to share great information with others and see them learn, enjoy, and use what I’ve shared to become more powerful and enlightened because of what I’ve taught.

9. I love the smell of celery, bell peppers, and onions sautéing in butter.

10. I swallowed one of those green, plastic, army men when I was in second grade. So every time I hear Hall & Oates’ “Maneater,” I think about the incident. I know, I know different kind of Maneater…but yeah, I still think about swallowing that toy.